This Is What Happens To Us During Sleep And When We Sleep Near The Beloved!

A person spends a third of his life sleeping. But what happens when a person closes his eyes? Is men’s sleep different from women’s sleep, and singles sleep than married couples’ sleep? How do dreams come about and do all people dream and remember their dreams to the same extent?    

A person spends a third of his life sleeping. But what happens when a person closes his eyes? Is there a difference between men’s sleep and women’s sleep? Where do dreams come from? Do all people dream and remember their dreams to the same extent? Here we review some of the most important facts about sleep.

When the body feels tired, a small nap in which a person sleeps resting in the afternoon may be beneficial to restore his activity. But the duration of sleep for a nap break per day should not exceed 30 minutes, because, after that, the body enters the stage of deep sleep and cannot recover from it except with difficulty.


Yawning is contagious

It is not known exactly why a person yawns and may be caused by fatigue, increased brain temperature, or lack of oxygen. It is not clear what causes the actual yawning, but it is clear that yawning is contagious and is spread from person to person.


Sleeping pills can make you addicted

When a person suffers from insomnia at night and feels exhausted and loses the ability to sleep, sleeping pills may be the solution, and some can be purchased from pharmacies without a prescription, but attention should be paid to the presence of a high possibility of getting used to and developing an addiction to them, according to a report on drugs issued by the German government in 2005 2014. The report states that long-term consumption of the most common hypnotics such as benzodiazepine may damage memory and even lead to dementia. Therefore, natural remedies against insomnia are preferred, such as chamomile tea, as well as almonds, which calm the nerves.

  • The full moon interferes with sleep comfortably
  • Some believe that a full moon deeply impedes sleep, but there is no evidence for this. The moon has an effect on the tides. Therefore, it is not advisable to sleep on the beach at low temperatures. And the moon’s effect on sleep only through its light

The body goes through many different stages during sleep. It can be classified into two stages: the light sleep phase and the deep sleep phase. These two stages are called the rapid eye movement stage and the non-rapid eye movement stage. In the stage of light sleep, the eyes move quickly back and forth under the closed eyelids, while the performance of the brain is great, and this is the stage in which the sleeper dreams often. In the deep sleep stage, the body relaxes and works to recover from fatigue.


Dreams and fantasy worlds during sleep

Dreams are a mental activity during sleep, and people experience entire stories during sleep: from flying and fantasy worlds to transforming into other creatures. There is no single opinion about what exactly happens during sleep, and researchers’ opinions differ about the source of dreams. Neurologists say that dreams are only a response to the processes that occur in the human nerves, while psychologists say that dreams are only reflections of what happens in the first place. Human consciousness. Obviously, all people dream about the same amount, as long as they do not take treatments with mental and psychological effects. Although people dream the same amount, they differ in remembering dreams, not all people remember their dreams to the same extent.


Adequate and healthy sleep

Adequate sleep is important, but too much sleep may be harmful to a person and may lead to depression, a heart attack (blood retention due to a blockage in one of the arteries of the heart), or dementia. Researchers disagree about adequate sleep, but the average adult has about 8 hours.

  • Causes of anxiety
  • If we can’t sleep, it’s usually us. Stress and clamor prevent our body from resting. That is why we have to develop night rituals that help us have a healthy sleep.

In the morning, some people are active and full of energy while others feel tired even if they drink coffee several times. Studies have suggested that morning mood has a genetic factor and has a relationship with human genes. People are classified in terms of their sleep type into two categories: early awakened (birds) and long sleepers (owls). People of the type birds owls beat their internal biological clocks slowly, while the internal clocks of people of the type of birds of the bird beat faster. The internal biological rhythms are different for both parties.


Sleep disturbances

Modern life increases the level of noise that disrupts sleep and disrupts the internal biological rhythm. So using earplugs if needed may be helpful. It is not necessary for a person to live near an airport or in the vicinity of a coal mine in order to feel the noise. Hearing the computer flickering and browsing the Internet on a smartphone before bed is all disturbing sleep. Drinking alcohol also disrupts sleep and metabolism, even if it seems relaxing before bed, for example, one glass of wine makes sleep less deep than it should be.


The difference between men’s sleep and women’s sleep

Men differ from women during sleep, and this is not limited to snoring and anterior movements sometimes, but studies have also shown that women are more sensitive than men if the partner is on the same bed. A woman is more alert (even during sleep) than a man if the partner is near her. On the other hand, the man sleeps more deeply if the partner is near him or on the bed itself. Studies have shown that stress hormones in the blood of partners (wives and husbands) who have lived together for a long time are less than in the blood of single women and singles.

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