Away From Chemicals .. Natural Foods To Treat Allergy Sufferers

Some argue that natural medicines are safer to use. And sometimes chemical drugs have bad side effects on the body, and we offer you foods rich in antihistamines that can benefit the body in a natural way.    

Histamine is a protein that causes sensitivity in the body, which leads to infection, for example, with sneezing or itchy eyes and throat…The best-known way to deal with allergy symptoms is the so-called antihistamines, which are usually prescribed by your doctor in order to relieve the symptoms. However, some of these medicines can cause side effects such as fatigue and nausea.

Therefore, nature is resorted to extracting materials that substitute for chemical drugs. Here are five foods rich in antihistamines that can benefit the body in a natural way:


vitamin (C)

Vitamin C is known to boost the role of the immune system in the body. A 2018 study showed that vitamin C plays a role in treating allergies as well. It is a powerful antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory effects and can relieve allergies. The deficiency of this vitamin in the body can also aggravate allergy symptoms.

There is no vitamin C. Only in citrus fruits, but also in many others, such as tomatoes, kiwi, peppers, broccoli, and strawberries.

Petasites (curricular)

Some might argue that the name of this plant, which is extracted from a shrub that grows in Asia, Europe, and some parts of North America, is not fully known in the Arab food basket, but this plant is already used in treating migraines and hay fever…Despite the many benefits of this plant, its consumption can also lead to side effects such as diarrhea, fatigue, headache, and itchy eyes. Some studies are still needed before it is approved as a natural antihistamine.



Bromelain is the name of the enzyme found in the heart of pineapple juice and is also sold as a dietary supplement. It is a popular natural remedy against swelling and infections, especially when the sinuses become infected.

Studies have shown that bromelain can reduce symptoms of allergic respiratory diseases. However, you should be aware of its potential side effects, as bromelain can affect the menstrual cycle in women, stimulate faster digestion and also increase the heart rate. People with allergies to pineapple should avoid bromelain.

Vital lozenges

Vital aids ( in English: ProbioticProbiotics, sometimes called probiotics or probiotics, are food supplements made by live bacteria or yeasts. The positive effect of plants with regard to the immune system has been confirmed, and these nutritional supplements have the ability to strengthen the immune system, which helps the body to resist allergies.


Quercetin ( Quercetin) From the word Quercus in Latin, it means “oak tree”: It is a vegetable color substance from the polyphenols and flavonoids group. It is another antioxidant found naturally in many plants and foods. It has a calming effect on breathing problems caused by allergies. These include foods with a quercetin content, such as apples, berries, black tea, green tea, red onions, peppers, and red wine.

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